IBAN: what is it and why it's important

IBAN, that stands for International Bank Account Number, is a numeric system that banks use to make money transfers overseas with the assurance that they'll arrive to the right account, no matter where the funds are sent to.

An IBAN is important when you're sending and receiving money internationally because it prevents the funds to end up in a wrong account by assigning a code for each individual account.


How to find my IBAN?

In order to find your IBAN, you can choose at least one of the following options:

Look on your bank statements

It is possible that your IBAN appears in your bank statements, be in paper or digital. Look for a code like the ones on our list of IBAN codes:

Ask your bank

If you're not sure how to find your IBAN or how it looks like, you can contact your bank and ask for your IBAN.

Use an IBAN calculator

If you have your bank account, there are online calculators that can help figure out your IBAN.

Check our IBAN list

Below this you'll find the full list of IBAN format codes and figure out your IBAN by yourself.

Is IBAN the same as SWIFT?

No, IBAN is not the same as SWIFT codes. The difference between IBAN and SWIFT is their use. While an IBAN is used to identify a bank account anywhere in the world, a SWIFT code is used to identify a bank itself inside their global network. On the other hand, they're similar in that their goal is to facilitate money transfers internationally.




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What app can I use to send money with IBAN codes?

You can use Ria money transfer app for sending money both domestically and internationally with just a routing number and account number. When it comes to domestic transfers, you can safely use your bank app, but for sending money abroad, and if your transfer is time sensitive and want it to be efficient, you may want to use an alternative like Ria money transfer service. Check it out here.

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