Associated Bank routing number

Find here the Associated Bank routing number to transfer money to an account on that bank.


Associated Bank routing number


Type of transfer Associated Bank routing number
Domestic Wire Transfer 075900575‍
International Wire Transfer 075900575‍


What is a routing number?

A routing number is a 9-digit code designated for each bank to identify themselves and use to transfer money to each other. Created by the American Banking Association (ABA), their purpose is to ensure that funds from transactions, both from checks and electronic, arrive at the correct banks and accounts.

The most used routing numbers are the ABA routing numbers, which are used to pay recurrent bills, reorder checks, tax refunds and in general every transaction between financial institutions. Within these, the numbers exclusively used for electronic transactions are known as ACH routing numbers, with ACH standing for Automated Clearing House.


How to find a routing number?

Find a routing number on a check

Your bank’s routing number is the nine-digit number located at the bottom left of your checks.

Find a routing number without a check

If you don't readily have a check from your bank, you can find a routing number by doing one of the following: -Locate it in your bank statement -Calling your bank and request their routing number -Online lookup in your bank's website

Ria's routing number list

You can look for your bank's routing number in our list.

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What app can I use to send money with routing and account numbers?

You can use Ria money transfer app for sending money both domestically and internationally with just a routing number and account number. When it comes to domestic transfers, you can safely use your bank app, but for sending money abroad, and if your transfer is time sensitive and want it to be efficient, you may want to use an alternative like Ria money transfer service. Check it out here.

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