Processing Times

Bank account
Using a bank account to pay for your transfer is usually the least expensive option but it may take up to 4 business days for the money to arrive.

Credit/debit card
Using a credit or debit card to pay for your transfer may require a fee, but the money usually arrives within 15 minutes.

Note: If your order goes under security review, it may be delayed up to 6 hours.

Cash (Powered by PayNearMe)
Quickly send money to friends and family, conveniently from participating 7-Eleven locations. Here’s how it works:
When you choose cash as your payment method, you’ll receive a PayNearMe barcode. Take this barcode and your cash to a 7-Eleven PayNearMe location to complete your money transfer. Please keep in mind that if your transfer is not completed within 24 hours from the time it was created, it will be canceled.

Here are a few reasons a cash money transfer could be delayed:

If you’re a new customer
Our team performs a short review to guarantee the security of your financial information. This process can add up to 12 banking hours to your transfer time.

If you’re sending to a bank account
Depending on which bank you are depositing to, processing your transfer can take up to 4 banking days (even after the money has been pulled from your account). If you are doing bank deposit payout in India, an additional processing delay may occur.

If an additional review is needed for your safety
Whether you’re a new customer or not, your order might need a little more review before it can be released. If that happens, it may add an additional 24 banking hours.

If you delay making an in-person cash payment
Your money transfer doesn’t begin until it has been funded with cash at a PayNearMe participating 7-Eleven.

Refunds: If a refund is owed, a credit will be sent to the account you funded the order with. You can expect to see the amount in 3-5 business days for credit or debit card, 2-10 business days for bank accounts, and 10-15 days for cash orders (after you provide us with the completed refund form and a copy of voided check).