Processing times

Pay in store or use Sencillito (online)
Quickly send money to friends and family paying at a Ria store or partner locations, or paying online using Sencillito. When you choose ‘Pay in store’, you’ll receive a barcode. Take this barcode, your ID, and a payment method to a Ria store or partner location and pay for the money transfer. Please keep in mind that your ID is required and this transfer will expire if not completed by the time listed on the barcode screen.

Refunds: If a refund is owed, a credit will be sent to the account you funded the order with. You can expect to see the amount in 3-5 business days for credit or debit card, 2-10 business days for bank accounts, and 10-15 days for cash orders (after you provide us with the completed refund form and a copy of voided check).

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