Send more money with the Ria app

You asked, we listened. Ria Money Transfer now has increased send limits in the United States when sending from the Ria app! Download today and start sending up to 14,999.99 USD per month for international transfers and 1,000 USD per day for domestic transfers. Terms and conditions apply.

All it takes is two steps

To take advantage of this new send limit, you'll need to complete a two-step verification process.

Step 1
You might be asked a few questions and to provide identifying info.

Step 2
Through our identity verification partner, you'll take a picture of a valid identity document and record a selfie video.

Tips for identity verification

Two orange ID cards

Verifying your identity

Confirming your identity is the best way for us to keep your money safe.

A document rests in an orange file

Submitting your docs

Make sure the photos of your identity documents are readable and nothing is cut off.

A phone with a camera icon in the center of its display

Taking a selfie video

In the app, move and speak only when prompted, keeping your head in the oval frame.

Let's get started!

Download the app and start sending money

Send limit FAQ


What is a valid identity document?


How can I learn more about verifying my identity?


What if my identity verification is unsuccessful?


How much can I send each month?


Can I increase my send limit?


Are there exceptions to send limits?