How to Send Money to Mexico

How to Send Money to Mexico

May 6, 2021 3 min read

At Ria Money Transfer, we know how important it is to be there for those you love. So, we want to make sure you always know how to reach them, no matter where they are in the world. Today, we’ll be covering some key tips on how to send money to Mexico!

First, let’s start with your sending options.

Sending money with Ria is quick and simple! However, your sending options will vary depending on your country of residence. Below, we will walk you through the best options available and highlight some of the key benefits of each.

1. At a retail location

Send money to Mexico at any of our retail locations around the United States, Canada, and Europe where you can pay in cash or card. If you prefer a more personable experience, visiting our stores and speaking to our tellers is a great way to have all your questions answered, especially if you’re new to money transfer.

2. Through the app

Currently available in the United States, Canada, and select countries in Europe, the Ria Money Transfer App is one of the best and quickest way to send money with Ria. With just a few taps, you can send money to Mexico to be collected in cash at any of our retail locations. If you prefer, you can also deposit money directly into your recipient’s bank account.

3. Online

You can also transfer money online to Mexico through riamoneytransfer.com. Our transactional website is available in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. Payment can be completed with card or bank account.

What do I need to send money to Mexico?

When sending money, the requirements are standard across the board. Whether you’re sending money at our stores or through the app, you’ll need:

1) A valid ID

2) A valid form of payment

3) Your recipient’s details (full legal name and complete address).

For bank deposits, you’ll also either your recipient’s bank account information, debit card number or CLABE (18 digits). Be sure to bring your ID and to type in your recipient’s name exactly as it appears on their legal document.

What does my family need to receive money in Mexico?

As we mentioned above, the one thing your recipient will always need to collect or receive their money is a valid ID. There will be a few extra steps depending on the payout method, so we’ll include those below.

1. Through bank deposit

With the largest bank deposit network in the world – more than 3.6 billion bank accounts across 120+ countries – bank deposits are a great payout option if you’re sending with Ria. Most transfers to Mexico are finalized within minutes from our end. The only additional information your recipient will need to provide you is either their bank account number, debit card number, or CLABE (18 digits).

Thanks to its convenience, bank deposit transactions are a customer favorite. Your loved ones won’t even need to get up from the couch to receive their money!

2. Through cash pick-up

Whether your loved ones live close to a Ria location or prefer to collect their money in cash, pick-up spots are available all across Mexico. Your loved ones will also be able to collect or receive their Ria money transfer at many partner locations, including Elektra, BBVA, Bancoppel, Bancomer, and OXXO. Just make sure to check with your recipient about which location they prefer. Once sent, the money will be available for pick-up within 10 minutes.

And there you have it! Quick and convenient ways to get your money where it matters. For any other questions about how to send or receive money with Ria Money Transfer, check out our how-to guide.


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