How Do I Receive Money Internationally Without a Bank?

How Do I Receive Money Internationally Without a Bank?

June 4, 2024 7 min read

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Thanks to digital money transfer services, you can conveniently, quickly, and safely receive money internationally. One of the most common options is to have the money transferred to your bank account. However, like many people globally, you may not have a local bank account. In this case, you still have several options for receiving money from another country.

This guide details the best ways to receive money internationally without a bank account, including postal pickup, cash collection, mobile wallet, and a Ria Money transfer. We’ll also cover the information you need to receive money without a bank account and how to choose the best option for you.

How to Receive Money Internationally Without a Bank

Depending on your country of residence, you may have more than one way to receive money from another country. These are the most popular ways to receive money from another country without a bank account.

Postal Pickup

You can use the traditional postal option to receive money abroad without a bank account. It allows your friends or loved ones to mail you a money order just as they would a personal check or cash. They can easily purchase money orders at retail shops, post offices, banks, and credit unions. 

Many countries accept international money orders and allow you to cash them in the local currency. However, you should ensure your country of residence allows this process before using this option.

Using money orders to receive money abroad without a bank account is safer than receiving cash or personal checks. However, money orders must travel through the sluggish mail service, which can take between seven to 21 days. The postal service doesn’t guarantee delivery dates or times for international mail, so this is far from the best way to receive money overseas if you need cash quickly.  

Cash Collection

Cash collection allows you to receive money overseas with the help of a trusted third-party service that operates in both countries. 

This money transfer process starts when the sender chooses a cash collection service or provider. After supplying the essential details, the sender pays for the transfer online, through a mobile app, or a physical partner location. They then give you the transaction reference number or code needed to collect the cash.

When the transfer is complete, the service notifies you that the funds are available through email, SMS, or whatever communication channel the sender selected. The designated cash collection point could be a money transfer agent, a partner location, or a bank branch. At this point, you simply need to visit the location and present your identification and the transaction reference number.

Before releasing the funds, the staff at the collection point verifies the transaction details. You can usually receive the cash amount in the currency of your country of residence. However, currency conversion fees may apply.

Although the cash collection option may be quick and convenient, you must ensure to pick a reputable money transfer service or provider. Many scams or fraud schemes target remittance customers collecting cash from collection points. Also, cash collection through a traditional money agent can be expensive.

Mobile Wallet

Mobile wallets provide a convenient way to receive money internationally without a bank account. Many brands of these digital wallets are available to make money transfers using an app on your phone. When someone sends you a mobile transfer, the funds go to your mobile wallet account linked to your phone number, eliminating the need for a bank account.  

If you live in a country that allows mobile transactions, all you need to receive money from another country is a sender with the same mobile wallet brand and a mobile operator that provides service in your country. Once the transfer starts, you and the sender can follow the transfer with a tracking number. When the transfer finishes, you must confirm that you received the money as specified.

The mobile wallet is usually free to download, eliminating the need for a traditional money transfer agent or the mail service. You also receive the money almost instantly. Plus, encryption, biometric login, and other security features ensure you securely receive money from abroad without a bank. 

However, if your sender uses a different mobile wallet from yours, you may be subject to a fee. Other foreign exchange fees may also apply. Plus, you must have access to a smartphone and the technical ability to use a mobile wallet.

Ria Money Transfer

Ria money transfer is an easy, secure, and fast way to receive money from abroad without a bank account. Within minutes, you can receive money from your sender in your country’s currency through a digital wallet or one of our numerous partner locations globally.

The Ria app allows you to bypass banks and receive money internationally through various mobile wallet providers worldwide. This easy-to-use app lets you store your financial details in your mobile wallet. Instead of a bank account number, you can use your phone number to receive money from abroad through your Ria mobile app and withdraw cash from your mobile wallet account at select locations.

Ria money transfer is the fastest way to receive money abroad when you use a mobile wallet. The entire transfer takes two minutes or less, as opposed to up to five days with other delivery methods. In addition, the Ria app gives you real-time updates on your money transfer, eliminating any guesswork.

Since your mobile device securely stores your money within the Ria app, you don’t have to worry about it getting physically stolen. Even if a thief stole your mobile device,  multi-factor authentication and codes on the Ria app and the mobile wallet create an effective barrier against access to your funds.

If you prefer a cash pickup, you can use a Ria partner location to receive money abroad without a bank account. The Ria app has an easy-to-use location finder that allows you to locate the most convenient spot for your cash pickup. There are over 500,000 safe Ria pickup locations in more than 190 countries, including:

  • Romania
  • Sri Lanka
  • Vietnam
  • Yemen
  • Spain

Also, if you live in these countries, Ria offers home delivery, allowing you to receive your money at your doorstep without a bank account.

  • Armenia
  • Hungary
  • Morocco
  • Vietnam
  • The Philippines

Information Needed to Receive Money Without a Bank

Since you won’t be using a bank account to receive money abroad, you will only need to provide a few bits of vital information for a Ria money transfer. Here are the details you need for the non-bank account options.

  • Ria cash pickup: To make a Ria cash pickup in your home country, you need a valid ID and PIN (personal identification number). The PIN is the same number you received to track your transfer.
  • Mobile wallet transfer: This option requires you to provide the sender with your mobile wallet’s name and your account number.
  • Home delivery: If Ria provides home delivery in your country, you must give the sender your first and last name, home address, and phone number. You must also be home at the time of the delivery.

Choosing the Best Option to Receive Money Overseas

Several factors can influence your choice of the best way to receive money internationally without a bank account.

The Amount of Money You Need to Receive

Some transfer methods are better than others regarding the amount of money you want to receive. For example, an online money transfer service like Ria can deliver more cash per transaction than a money order.

Transaction Speed

Speed of delivery can significantly impact how you choose to receive money overseas. If you need the money in a hurry, a transfer between mobile wallets can happen almost as quickly as a tap on a phone screen. The same is true with a Ria money transfer cash pickup. On the other hand, a money order can take several days to travel through the postal service.

Your Country of Residence

Since your country of residence affects your choice of money transfer options, it is essential to determine which options allow you to receive money in your country without a bank account. For example, you can use Ria to pick up cash in over 190 countries, but a mobile wallet only allows you to receive money from overseas in 52 countries.

Start Receiving Money Internationally

With money transfer methods like mobile wallets and cash collection, you can still use the advantages of digital transactions to receive money overseas without a bank account. These options offer a faster, more flexible, and more convenient way to receive money from overseas than the traditional postal service option. 

Within its secure app, Ria money transfer allows you to use cash up or mobile wallets to receive money from overseas almost instantly and in larger amounts than other options. Start receiving money internationally without a bank account by downloading the Ria Money App.

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