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Need to send money to family or friends in Peru? We've got you covered with great rates and a low flat fee of $2.89 - every day! Get started right now using our website or mobile app.

Mobile wallets

Send money to Yape

Ria Money Transfer partners with Yape so you can send money directly to your loved one’s mobile wallet. With Yape Remesas, your recipient can receive remittances sent by Ria in soles and dollars.

Cash pickup

3,200+ locations near your recipient in Peru

Ria offers more ways to send and receive money. With a network of locations across Peru, you can choose between cash pickup or a bank deposit.

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Use our website to check rates and send money from the comfort of home


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Send and track your money transfers on the go with our mobile app


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Pay in cash at a store located conveniently near you

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Ria makes it easy for you to track any transfer using your PIN or order number. With our app, you can check rates, enjoy faster repeat transfers, and find the closest Ria locations from anywhere.

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Great transfer app!

It makes it so much easier to send money to my loved ones back home and to do any international transactions with just a few taps.



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I started using Ria App during the pandemic to avoid social contact. Since then, I have discovered how easy it is to send money to other countries.



I love Ria!

It’s one of my two favorite and best money transfer apps. I would recommend everyone who would like to send money abroad to use Ria





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