How to Send Money Online - Ria Money Transfer

Send money online with Ria

Sending money online with Ria has never been easier. Use your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer to send today!

Here's what to do:

Tell us where your recipient is and how much you want to send them.

We have a huge network and can payout in 146 countries and territories around the world.

Choose how you'd like your money delivered.

We offer a variety of payout methods that range in speed and price. You can transfer money to a bank account, have it picked up in cash, or, in some locations, delivered to your recipient’s address. Just pick the delivery method that works best for your needs.

Set up your free account.

This is for your security. We use an identity verification process to make sure only you have access to your personal information.
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Enter your payment method.

You can pay online with your bank account or credit/debit card. Different payment types will affect the overall cost and speed of your transaction, so you can choose the option that's best for you.


Make sure everything is correct and click confirm. We'll take it from there and notify you when your funds are delivered. Of course, you can always track your transfers along the way.