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Need to send money abroad to family, friends, or yourself? At Ria, we've got you covered. We've been moving money overseas quickly, efficiently, and securely for over 30 years. Whether you are sending money or someone is sending to you, there are convenient options for everyone. Read about the options below.


Ways to receive

Our international money transfer services make receiving money a breeze.


Cash payout

Fast, popular cash payouts for global remittances. Ria's vast network offers easy collection at numerous points worldwide.


Home delivery

Simply ask the sender to select this option when making their money transfer, and you’ll receive the funds in the convenience of your home. (Option available in select countries)



ATM cash withdrawals, no card needed. Use the sender's PIN, follow prompts, confirm, and get cash. 24/7 service expanding globally.


Bank deposit

Securely receive funds via direct bank deposits with Ria, through online, phone, or in-person transfers. Ria's network covers most banks globally.


Mobile wallet

In select countries, Ria can deposit funds into the beneficiaries mobile wallet, allowing them to choose how and when they use these funds.

Convenient ways to send to 190+ countries

We make it simple to send money to your loved ones with Ria.


From a Ria location

Send money globally through Ria stores and agents. Our expanding network ensures fast, secure, affordable transfers with excellent customer service.


By phone

Phone money transfers via Ria are quick: register, fill out the form, select the recipient and delivery method, and get quick payouts in the destination country.



Use our website to check rates and send money from the comfort of home

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