Discover the Ria eWallet

Don't have a bank account? We have you covered with the new Ria eWallet. Easily deposit and withdraw cash at one of our 500,000+ locations. Then quickly send money worldwide and pay for goods directly from your Ria Money Transfer app (with $0 fees!)

How to get started

Log into the Ria app

Download the Ria app and create your free account.

Tap on eWallet

Tap on “eWallet” and then “Activate your eWallet.”

Create your pin

To keep your eWallet secure, choose a 6-digit PIN number.

Your eWallet is ready!

Start using the Ria eWallet to send money or make payments.

Easily deposit your cash

Easily carry your money on the go. You can deposit cash into your Ria eWallet (with $0 fees!) at the nearest Ria location. Just walk in, deposit your funds, confirm, and pay. Your money will show up instantly! You can also deposit money with JomPAY using your preferred online bank portal or ATM.

Send money to 165+ countries

Easily send money from your Ria eWallet to over 165+ countries. It only takes a few minutes to get started! Just activate your eWallet for free and use it as the source of payment on your next transfer.

Pay for items in-store

Discover a new way to pay at the store. Simply scan the provided QR code to buy goods or services with your Ria eWallet. Then, quickly complete a few steps within our app to authorize your transaction. The best part? No fees.

Withdraw cash from eWallet

Do more with your money. Withdraw cash from your Ria eWallet by visiting the nearest Ria location. Just scan the provided QR code, confirm it within the app, and leave with your cash in hand.


What is Ria eWallet?

Ria eWallet is an electronic wallet that allows you to keep your electronic money and use it for services like sending money to different countries, depositing cash, withdrawing funds, and making payments at Ria locations within Malaysia.

What can I do with my Ria eWallet?

The Ria eWallet offers different services to make your life more convenient!

  • Transfer money to anyone in 165+ countries
  • Deposit money into your Ria eWallet
  • Withdraw money at any time
  • Pay for items in-store at Ria merchants

How can I register for the Ria eWallet?

You can install the Ria App from the Google Playstore or App Store and register your account by providing your personal information. To activate your Ria eWallet, you first need to complete your registration on the Ria app.

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