The Ria eWallet

The Ria eWallet is an electronic wallet that holds electronic money (e-money). You can use this wallet to send money to 165+ countries, deposit cash, pay for things in-store and withdraw your money at Ria stores and merchants within Malaysia. 

How it works:

Get the Ria App

In order to activate your eWallet, you need to register on the Ria App and complete your verification. Download the app by tapping here!

  • Once downloaded, login into the Ria App
  • Tap on “eWallet”
  • Tap on “Activate your eWallet”
  • Create your 6-digit wallet Pin
  • Your eWallet is ready for use!

Ria eWallet Limits

  • Ria eWallet has a balance limit of RM10,000 at any time
  • Users can view their eWallet balance and transaction details on their eWallet homepage within Ria OneApp.

Deposit cash into your eWallet

You can visit any of the Ria Cash in cash out merchants and Ria stores to deposit cash into your wallet. Find your nearest locations here

  • Walk into your nearest store
  • Request the store for cash deposit and confirm the amount
  • Merchant/ Teller will deposit money in to your eWallet
  • Your eWallet balance will be updated instantly
  • Hand over cash to the merchant
  • There is no Fee applicable to deposit cash in to your eWallet

You can also deposit money into your Ria eWallet using Jompay, at your bank ATM or via online banking, using Ria Jompay Biller Code 723528

Send money using your Ria eWallet

Ria customers can use their eWallet to send money back home after getting cash deposit from the merchant or Ria store location. Customer will have an option to use “Ria eWallet” as source of payment while creating a send money transaction.

While you create your Send money request from Ria eWallet, let us know that the merchant has assisted you to complete that transaction by scanning a QR placed at that merchant store.

Pay using your Ria eWallet

Ria customers having Ria eWallet can use their eWallet to pay at Ria merchants for their goods and services simply by scanning the QR

  • Walk into your nearest Ria QR enabled store
  • Buy goods and services
  • Scan the QR code from within your Ria OneApp. You should be able to see the merchant details on your screen
  • Enter the amount confirmed by merchant
  • Enter your eWallet 6 digits pin to authorize the transaction
  • You would be able to see successful transaction details on your screen with transaction amount, date/time, merchant details , transaction ID and available balance of your eWallet
  • There is no additional fee being charged to the customers

Cash Withdrawal

Ria eWallet customers will have the option to visit any of the nearest Cash in /Cash out merchant or Ria store to withdraw funds from their wallet. Find the nearest merchant here: Find Locations

  • Walk into your nearest store
  • Request the store for a cash withdrawal
  • Scan the QR places at merchant location
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw (withdrawal amount should not be more than the available balance in your account)
  • You will be able to see the transaction details on your next screen including Transaction ID, date/time, any fee or tax if applicable and total amount along with a barcode at the top
  • Merchant/store will scan the barcode and approve the withdrawal
  • Your account balance will be deducted
  • Merchant/store will handover the cash to you

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who is eligible to use the Ria eWallet?

Ria eWallet can be used by any individuals who are:

  • Existing Ria OneApp users in Malaysia
  • Any new customer who completes the verification at any Ria store or through the app

2. Are there any fees I need to pay to use the Ria eWallet?

No, using the Ria eWallet is completely free!

3. How can I view my transaction history?

You can view your recent transactions on your eWallet home screen.

4. Is the Ria eWallet licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia?

Yes, the Ria eWallet is licensed by Bank Negara Malaysa (BNM)

5. If I don't have a bank account or debit card, can I still use the Ria eWallet to send money?

Yes, you can activate your Ria eWallet within the Ria App and use it as a source of payment to send money to your loved ones.

6. Ria Customer Support

Ria support team can be reached at below email address and toll-free number for any assistance related to the Ria App and eWallet from 08:00am to 10:00pm every day.


Toll Free: 1 800 882 077

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