Ria Rewards

You're a hero for supporting your family across borders, and we at Ria believe in celebrating your dedication.

Introducing Ria Rewards, our way of saying "Thank You" for your unwavering commitment to your loved ones.

Only existing Ria customers in Australia can sign up to Ria Rewards: Terms and conditions apply.


What is Ria Rewards?

Looking after family overseas takes a special kind of person. At Ria, we call these people heroes. Ria Rewards is a program for Australian customers that provides aΒ Thank YouΒ to heroes on behalf of their loved ones.

How does Ria Rewards work?


Send Money

Send money to your loved ones as per normal


Receive 'Thanks'

Receive 1 point per dollar sent


Redeem 'Thanks'

Use all your points to redeem rewards

Redeem 'Thanks' for exclusive rewards



Use your points to redeem discounted transfer fees



Use your points to receive credits to send to your loved ones


Gift Cards

Use your points to redeem an eGift card for online purchases

Collect points

How to earn 'Thanks'?

β€’ For every dollar that you send overseas, earn 1 'thanks'

β€’ New member? Receive a Welcome Bonus of 2,000 'thanks'

β€’ When it's your birthday, you'll receive a gift of 500 'thanks'

β€’ Review your transfer experience, and you'll earn 80 'thanks'

β€’ Share your experience with Ria, and we'll reward you 300 'thanks'

Start earning points and rewards with every transfer

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Frequently asked questions


Who can sign up for Ria Rewards?


How easy is it to redeem rewards?


How quickly will I start earning 'Thanks'?


What types of rewards and benefits can I expect?


Are there any fees to join Ria Rewards?